THE FLOW PURE MASK FDA Certified 3D White / 100ea


4 Layers, soft layer for skin protection, structure layer for building the 3D Space, then Spray-melt filter and non-woven fabric layer for filtration.  Protect people from harmful dust particles, PM2.5, vehicle exhaust, woodwork, pollen allergies, and fumes


  • FDA Certified
  • Made in Korea, 94% filter efficiency, a highly effective barrier
  • 4 Layer filter: High-density electrostatic filters effectively block fine particles (dust, pollen, PM2.5, and irritants)
  • Individual Package: Hygiene, easy to store and rebag
  • 3D Design: Ensure easy breathing and fashionable style
  • Foldable: Reuse within 5 days or continuous use within 48 hours
    $170.00 Regular Price
    $153.00Sale Price


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